Although the British were in Nice during the 18th century,
the parish was not created until after the Napoleonic wars
and was placed under the jurisdiction
of the Bishop of London in 1820;
the cemetery dates from that period.
The present church was built between 1860 and 1862;
it is one of the loveliest churches in Nice,
situated in the heart of the city.
Today it is a chaplaincy of the Diocese in Europe.
Though the roots of the Anglican Church are in England,
and although the Church of England is the Mother-Church
of the Anglican Communion,
Anglicans themselves are of many nationalities and
speak many languages:
Africans, Scots, Irish, Americans, Australians, French - all Anglican.
The world-wide Anglican Communion
has approximatelty 70 million members
spread throughout 400 diocese in about 30 member Churches.
It should be noted that English
is no longer the universal language of Anglicanism;
there are diocese and national Churches
which are Spanish-speaking, French-speaking, etc.
It is only in England that the Monarch
retains the title of Supreme Head;
it is the Archbishop of Canterbury
who is the Spiritual Head of Anglicans throughout the world.

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